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It’s time to start manifesting your weight, body and life goals and have fun while doing it. 


During 12 weeks, these 4 courses will help you to start from the core. They will help you change your energy and rise up your vibrations in order for you to attract the weight, body and life you desire. The main focus is the energy shift.  

You will regain your power back and transition into the amazing person you are meant to be. 

By the end you will:

  • have let go of the reason for your excess weight 
  • use the law of attraction and your energy in order to manifest your desires 
  • have lost at least 10 pounds
  • know your feminine power
  • be truly in love with yourself
  • be feeling good and confident in your body
  • feel great on this weight loss journey. The better you feel the faster you get results. 
  • start to live a healthy lifestyle and have fun doing it
  • live a life with purpose and passion 

The S.H.I.F.T Bundle is a self-paced bundle of 4 courses that will guide you and help you transition into the fit, healthy and powerful woman you are destined to be. It takes around 12 weeks to go through all the material. 


We start with Breaking Free And Releasing every thing that is holding you back.

Then we work on mindset and self-love.

Afterwards you will start to live your life with passion and purpose.

A healthy lifestyle will come naturally to you. As a result you will transition into the best version of yourself and manifest your desired body and life with ease.

This bundle includes:

The BREAK FREE AND RELEASE 14-Day course with:

  • Daily videos that help you find and release what's holding you back
  • Daily exercises and tasks, so you know exactly what to do each day to release limiting beliefs, emotional blockages and heal old wounds
  • Guided meditations that help you let go of the past and become present 
  • USUAL PRICE $222


The LOVE YOURSELF NOW 7-day course with:

  • Daily Video Lessons that help you fall in love with yourself 
  • Guided Meditations that help you make the shift towards love 
  • Journaling Exercises that help you to reconnect to your Inner Self
  • Daily Self-Love Tasks so you can change your energy easily


The LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE 7-day course with:

  • Video lessons that will guide you to live a life with passion and purpose and regain your power back
  • Guided Meditations that help you transition into the person you are destined to be
  • Journaling Exercises that help you  rediscover yourself 


The DREAM BODY MANIFESTATION course (8 weeks) with: 

  • Video lessons about  Manifesting Weight Loss and Mindset Work
  • Law Of Attraction exercises and worksheets
  • Mindset exercises and worksheets
  • Challenges
  • Recipes
  • Meal Ideas
  • Nutrition guides
  • USUAL PRICE $219

What People Are Saying:

I was inspired to work with Lori because of her welcoming and positive energy. Her page and her service was very straight forward and transparent which I really appreciated. Before I started working with her I was feeling mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted. I had tried the keto diet, I was doing tiring exercises that didn’t align with my body and what I truly liked. I knew there was something missing in my health journey, but on a spiritual level. The most exciting parts of working with her were the weekly calls. I felt like I was catching up with a gentle and kind mentor who truly cared about my progress and even the moments I felt like I wasn’t making progress, she reminded me about all of the ways I was improving. Unlike other programs, I loved that she was never a strict and rigid “personal trainer” or someone who’d intimidate you if you didn’t lose weight or eat healthy all the time. Her approach was gentle, open, realistic and holistic. She guided me through the times I felt guilty for eating something that didn’t feel healthy and helped me get rid of those negative thoughts by remembering my feminine power. I lost 30 lbs in total working directly with her over 3-4 months and an additional 10 and counting afterwards. I removed negative relationships in my life by realizing my worth and attracted better ones. I did not expect to attract almost $10000 over 4 months lol. But my time with her helped me tune into my true worth. She helped me view taking care of my health as an investment in myself and a sign to the universe that because I love myself I am ready to receive different forms of abundance. Taking care of my health is now radical self care and self love! Thank you Lori!!

Tashauna B.