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It’s time to start manifesting your weight, body and life goals and have fun while doing it. 

During 3 weeks, these 2 courses will help you to start from the core. They will help you change your energy and rise up your vibrations in order for you to attract the weight, body and life you desire. The main focus is the energy shift.  

You will regain your power back and start to transition into the amazing person you are meant to be. 

By the end you will:

  • have let go of the reason for your excess weight 
  • use the law of attraction and your energy in order to manifest your desires 
  • be truly in love with yourself
  • be feeling good and confident in your body
  • feel great on this weight loss journey. The better you feel the faster you get results. 

LOVE & RELEASE is a self-paced bundle of 2 courses that will guide you and help you release the reason for your excess weight and start to love yourself again. It takes around 3 weeks to go through all the material. 

This bundle includes:

The BREAK FREE AND RELEASE 14-Day course with:

  • Daily videos that help you find and release what's holding you back
  • Daily exercises and tasks, so you know exactly what to do each day to release limiting beliefs, emotional blockages and heal old wounds
  • Guided meditations that help you let go of the past and become present 
  • USUAL PRICE $222


The LOVE YOURSELF NOW 7-day course with:

  • Daily Video Lessons that help you fall in love with yourself 
  • Guided Meditations that help you make the shift towards love 
  • Journaling Exercises that help you to reconnect to your Inner Self
  • Daily Self-Love Tasks so you can change your energy easily

What People Are Saying:

I was looking for the right coach and teacher to support me in my desires around manifesting my dream body for some time. I came across Lori through Instagram and I instantly felt drawn to her. I initially was very focused on shedding the weight my body was holding and I did shed pounds throughout working with her and her valuable guidance, however I gained something else in the process.  I learned from Lori how to love my body, eat more intuitively, and move my body in pleasurable ways.  I never realized my relationship with my body and food was so deeply connected to other areas of my life.  As I worked on my relationship with my body and food, my personal life blossomed and I'm now in a relationship with a grounded wonderful loving masculine man!  I also am rediscovering my love for dance...something which I had hidden away since childhood because I didn't feel good enough or worthy enough. I learned to feel worthy and enough regardless of my body size and weight and my internal dialogue started to become kinder and more loving. As I started to love and trust myself unconditionally is when the weight started to shed! I'm now more visible in my business and it has truly brought deep healing to my inner child and in my relationships with my family as well.

Priyanka Yadvendu