Are you hiding behind your excess weight?

Has being overweight become your identity?

Are you living a life you don't wanna be living? 

Do you feel a fire inside of you but don't know how to let it out?

It's time to Let your light shine NOW!

HC, RN Lori Aloisio

I am a health coach, registered nurse and studied nutrition and alternative medicine. I help women lose weight and live a life with purpose and passion. I have been working with the law of attraction since my early childhood. I am able to live the life of my dreams because I make health my priority and I know that I am the creator of my reality. 

I truly believe that each one of us has something unique deep inside of us that can be used for the common good.

Right now at this moment, there is a shift happening worldwide.

The things in our lives that don’t serve us are disappearing.

I believe it’s all happening to bring us back on track. It’s happening so we can live life in alignment with who we truly are and who we came here to be.

Your purpose is to be authentic and use this as your superpower.

You came into this life with a deep inner knowing of what you are supposed to do here and an inner guidance system to show you the way.

Right now, there is a lot of work to do and the universe is supporting you.

I truly believe that you chose the situation you were born into because exactly this situation gives you what you need to rise up into your highest self.

When you are true to yourself and your purpose, you slowly start to light up the lives of the people around you.

You are here on a mission. It’s time that you step into your true self and live out your purpose!

The excess weight will be released as it is no longer needed!

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You have the power within you.

You can do it! You are enough! You are worthy!


You don't need any fancy equipments, diets, detoxes or gym memberships to lose the weight. All you need is you. You have the power to live the life of your dreams! It's possible! I have done it and so have many others! Stop making excuses and stop feeling sorry for yourself.


You have chosen the situation you were born into because this will give you all the experiences you need in order to live out your true purpose. You are here on a mission and the world needs you. The real unique and authentic YOU, with all your challenges and experiences. It's time to wake up! Take advantage of your situation and do something right now that brings you closer towards your goals. Every small step counts. You have the power, discipline and motivation already inside of you. All you need to do is find out what really drives you and makes you feel passionate in life.

What do you really want to do in your life? Who do you want to be?
Sit still, close your eyes and listen. The answers are already there. You can do and achieve whatever you want. Don't let society or the people in your environment tell you otherwise. You have access to all the knowledge and support you will ever need. Imagine yourself getting closer to your goals everyday and manifesting all your desires. How would you be feeling? You can start to do this NOW.

This is your moment, this is your opportunity, this is your time and this is your place. 
I will do whatever I can to support you but it all starts within you. My goal is to have you losing the weight and also starting to live your dream life.

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There is a reason you are here! You have something to give to this world and you have the right to live your dream life. We will make it happen! If you want to start living your dream life with the body and health you desire, now is the time to start!

Let Your Light Shine


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What this program has to offer: 

  • 8 video lessons that will guide you through this process. I will teach you how to apply different tools and techniques correctly so you work with the universal laws and not against them
  • 8 different exercises that will help you to come out of your shell and finally let your light shine
  • Meditations that will help you do the shift on a subconscious level. So you can start to manifest your desires with ease.  
  • Printable Worksheets so you can work when and where you want. 

This program is for you if you want to:

  • live a life with purpose and passion
  • stop hiding behind your excess weight
  • stop identifying as an overweight person
  • feel happy and content in your body NOW
  • start to manifest weight loss and all your other desires.
  • wake up every morning and feel aligned with your purpose
  • connect with your inner wild woman


This program is NOT for you if:
  • you are not open to put in the work and do the exercises
  • you expect a quick fix
  • you don’t want to let go of your past and start fresh
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I was inspired to work with Lori because of her welcoming and positive energy. Her page and her service was very straight forward and transparent which I really appreciated.

Before I started working with her I was feeling mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted. I had tried the keto diet, I was doing tiring exercises that didn’t align with my body and what I truly liked.  I knew there was something missing in my health journey, but on a spiritual level.

She helped me get rid of those negative thoughts by remembering my feminine power.

I lost 30 lbs in total working directly with her over 3-4 months and an additional 10 and counting afterwards.

I removed negative relationships in my life by realizing my worth and attracted better ones.

I did not expect to attract  almost $10000 over 4 months lol.

But my time with her helped me tune into my true worth. She helped me view taking care of my health as an investment in myself and a sign to the universe that because I love myself I am ready to receive different forms of abundance. Taking care of my health is now radical self care and self love!

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Since the beginning of our work together, I have become a more spiritual person. I really like writing in my journal my affirmations. My awareness has really shifted. I am becoming more and more aware of my thoughts and my emotions. Now when a thought pops up I’m just like « ok ego but I know it’s not true, it’s not the real me ». I think my internal dialogue is becoming more and more positive. 

I discovered a huge emotional blocage around my weight and my love life. 

Before I wasn’t really enjoying cooking but now I really love it. I love to nourish my body. 

I feel that I have become more confident. 

I reconnected with dance and it feels so so good. I am now moving my body everyday. And I’m really listening to what my body needs. Like some days I’m doing a little cardio, some days it’s just stretching and light weight lifting. 

I have also finally posted some videos on my YouTube channel. So I took actions to actually bring me closer to who I aspire to be. 

Even if sometimes I have trouble with being positive and not binge, I know that’s it’s a journey. And I am responsible of my own happiness. So the best part is that it’s really up to me to be my best version. And I’m really excited because with my mindset being rewired it’s gonna be easy.

Let Your Light Shine


Get Instant Access

  • Video Lessons
  • Exercises & Tasks
  • Meditations
  • Worksheets